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1 obscene terms for feces [syn: crap, dirt, shit, shite, turd]
2 a stupid foolish person [syn: nincompoop, ninny]
3 slang terms for inside information; "is that the straight dope?" [syn: dope, the skinny, low-down]
4 the rear part of a ship [syn: stern, after part, quarter, tail]

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  • /pʰuːp/
  • Rhymes with: -uːp

Etymology 1

From puppis "stern of a ship".


  1. The stern of a ship.
stern of a ship
Derived terms

Etymology 2

Possibly onomatopoeia as a verb 'to shit'.


  1. Excrement.
    The dog took a poop on the grass.
  2. A slothful person.
    Hurry up, you old poop!
Derived terms


  1. To defecate.
    And the horse pooped right in the middle of the parade.
  2. To tire out.
    I'm pooped from working so hard
to defecate

Extensive Definition

Poop may refer to:
  • Stern, the rear or aft part of a ship or boat
    • Poop deck, a deck that constitutes the roof of a cabin built in the aft
    • To be pooped, in nautical parlance, means to have a wave come over the stern from abaft.
  • Feces, waste product from an animal's digestive tract expelled through the anus
    • Defecation, the act or process by which organisms eliminate feces
    • Pooper-scooper, used by dog owners to pick up their pet's fecal matter
  • Being pooped, becoming fatigued


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